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Value Added Services 

Personal Protective Equipment Assessment

Facility Assessment: We ensure the correct utilization of suitable PPE and ergonomic products across all applications, guaranteeing optimal safety measures. We provide valuable recommendations for enhancing PPE usage and assist in identifying opportunities for cost savings where applicable.

PPE Training Services: We provide training in these specific areas to reinforce safety in work environments: 

  • Proper Hand Protection (including cut protection)

  • Donning and Doffing Equipment

  • Electrical and Arc Flash

  • Eye Protection Safety

  • Ergonomic Safety


Fall Protection

Site Assessments: We thoroughly evaluate your current safety program and survey your facility to assess its specific applications. Based on our findings, we provide comprehensive recommendations for the appropriate equipment needed to ensure safety across all areas. 

Training Services: We provide training services through various methods including Van Demonstrations and Equipment Inspection. A team member/s will come directly to your location, ensuring convenience and personalized training that meets the unique requirements of your organization.

Equipment Inspection: We provide annual equipment inspection to support your work environment is within safety standards. 


Stud-E Workplace Safety Survey

We conduct a thorough walkthrough of your facility, leveraging our extensive knowledge of standards and regulations to assist you in identifying both current and potential vulnerabilities. Following the assessment, we provide you with a comprehensive report that simplifies the understanding of necessary steps towards achieving safety and compliance. Our aim is to ensure clarity and facilitate your journey towards creating a safe and compliant environment.


Safety Identification 

We conduct a detailed site walkthrough of your facility, meticulously examining every area to identify specific needs such as signage, Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) requirements, and more. With our comprehensive knowledge of safety standards and regulations, we are able to provide expert guidance on the implementation of necessary measures to enhance safety and compliance.

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